North Pilton Line

I am in the process or rebuilding the garden railway starting a fresh after ripping up the old layout using bent and warped planks laid down in the ground. The new layout will be concreted into the ground and laid out to 7/8th scale with a complete new track design. This will include a large station area as the main feature, side goods area and a set of marshalling lines on the opposite side for storing trains and spare wagons.

The railway will feature all the kits I produce in 7/8th scale through North Pilton Works and will show the construction of each kit as the layout progresses. Featured buildings will include all the new kits including the small and large signal boxes, the station building, station shelter, lineside hut, refreshment bar and workmans cabin.

The layout starts with the ground work to correct the level difference between the top yard and bottom garden section, with a height difference of four inches. The roller bearings on the rolling stock were quick in highlighting the slope and rolling down to the bottom of the garden with increasing speed, even though the slope was not that noticeable, So the first attack was to fill in the station area with rubble and concrete a base level for the platform area and fill in the opposite side of the garden with ballast for the marshalling yard.

The station area with track laid over the start of the rubble foundations to build up the station area. About 4 inches of foundations need to be built up and then concreted over to form the track bed and conrete platforms. These are two lines through the station and a small goods siding in the back corner.

The marshall yard will have four loop lines through for storage with the tracks merging and running over a concrete bridge over the curve into the station area. There will also be a line leading off at the back wall into the shed with a couple of lines of storage as well as box sections that can be lifted out and stored on racks to swap over complete trains.

The top end of the yard will have a complete half curve from one side to the other with a pair of goods sidings in the top corner. There will also be a few scattered buildings added in the corner such as the lineside hut.